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page turner keeps losing the bluetooth connection to Max 2



  • Jill Knapp

    Hey! I'm having the same problem with Mobilesheets on my Max2 Pro. My last two gigs have been really rough because of it. I'm using a different brand pedal (Pageflip Butterfly), but the symptoms are identical. Did you ever get this sorted out?

    I've swapped out the pedal with a brand new one, so it's not a problem with the pedal. It's the tablet losing the connection.

  • Rolf Marinelli

    The problem with my Max2Pro exists always.
    I solved it in this way:
    I have mobilesheets also installed on my Samsung Tab 10". The page turner is connected with this an works fine.
    In the settings I choose "connect Tab".
    The Samsung Tab is the primary and then I define the Max2Pro AS the second (or slave)
    Now the Max2Pro does exactly what on my Samsung Tab happens.
    If I want to use this in a gig I start at first the Samsung Tab, connect it with the page turner and than connect the Samsung Tab with the Max2Pro.
    In this way I have always a backup device if one doesent work

  • Jill Knapp

    Thank you so much, Rolf! I will do this today at rehearsal and see how it goes-- it's a great idea and it will provide peace of mind. Coincidentally I also have a spare Samsung 10" tablet. :)

    Thanks again!


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