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Onyx Boox Note Air Pen - Replacement Nibs



  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, we apologize for the inconvenience.
    In this case, we are wondering did you ordered from the BOOX official store directly? Because if you ordered from BOOX shop, there will be extra tips comes with the Note Air.

    After checking with our logistic team, we are afraid that we are unable to deliver the nibs for Note Air Pen to India due to the delivery issue. However, you could probably order the Wacom stylus in India. All BOOX stylus is made by Wacom and they should be compatible with the Note Air.
    BOOX Shop Support Team

  • ayse t

    I use samsung tab s6 lite pen, it has the erase function on the pen. I like it better than onyx pen. The replacement nibs are easy to find for that pen and not as expensive as onyx nibs. I just shelved onyx accompanying pen and use this. It is easy to flow on the screen, soft to touch, not as heavy as original pen. It doesn't have the slot to keep extra nibs, but I have been using this pen for several months now and it is still like new.

  • ayse t

    By the way, I also tried Samsung note phones stylus, they work as well, but they are a bit on the small side and it's very light. but it works. It even has the eraser function. But it's like 3/4 of the original pen in size and like 1/4th in weight.


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