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  • Fangx12

    left a review yesterday on mira pro and my return experience under “contact us” link’s comment section. boox responded my comment, and deleted mine and other comment on same return issues. quoting boox’s response below. my comment about the reduced quality of the imagine essentially reduces the appeared resolution of panel and making the panel useless as a computer monitor is confirmed by boox response. thanks boox. yes it works if you use it as a gigantic ereader. wanted to support your new concept new product. but it just didn’t work. on the return, the advertised free U.S. shipping became a $364.53 charge to me. so buyer be aware. boox used fedex to ship the monitor to me, since i am now paying for the shipment, i asked for the original fedex receipt. boox claim they can’t get the receipt when fedex by law issues receipt for every shipment. go figure if you want to do business with the company.

    “The maximum resolution of Mira Pro is 3200x1800pix. The resolution can be adjusted via "Settings" > "Display" > "Display resolution" on your computer. Changing the refresh mode will not affect the resolution but this may create more ghosting images in the background.
    After double-checking with our colleague, your return package is currently awaiting process in our Hong Kong warehouse. Due to the pandemic issue, the process is taking longer than usual. But we have informed the related department to process your return package asap. We will do our best to issue the refund of your order as early as possible.”


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