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saving battery life on poke 3


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  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    In this case, please try the procedure below to check whether the battery is abnormal.

    Please go to [Settings] > [Feedback] > [Settings] in the upper right corner - Enable [Save logs to local before restart] > return to the previous page and press [+] to submit the first feedback.

    After submitting the first feedback, please fully charge the device and use it as normal until the power reaches about 30% > go to [Settings] > [Feedback] > [+] > Check [Send Log] to send the second feedback.

    Once receiving your feedback, our tech team will check if the battery working properly. 

    There are a couple of ways to save battery life:

    1) Use the correct charger to charge the device. We recommend using a 5V 1A charger to charge Poke 3.

    2) Set the power-off timer so the device can turn itself off when it is deactivated for a long time. To set the power-off timer, please go to [settings] > [Power] > [Power-off Timeout]

    3) Clear the background to prevent apps to use batteries in the background. To clear the background, you could call out the multi-task manager to clear the background.

    many thanks for your time and understanding.


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