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feature request: scrolling page in note app, infinite long page



  • Alexander

    I saw several people (me included) asked for a infinite canvas. I think would be better than simply a vertical endless scrolling. With infinite canvas you can still choose the direction to go. 

    Would be useful be able to configure it on canvas editor, choosing the Number of page we want have, writing directly our target number, for example 4x8. Actually we are limited to predefinite number and to max 2x2.

    Lastly would be very useful be have different canvas size on the same note, I think this isn’t actually possible.

  • Alexandre Hersent

    Yes but it is hard to zoom with finger on a 2*2 page, so they will need to improve that before to create Infinite canvas. Just infinite long is easier because you only need a scroll bar. But I agree with you it is definitly a missing feature.


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