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Hiw can I see two notes side by side in split view on Onyx Boox Lumi Max



  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    After confirming with our tech team, the feature of opening two notes is in development. We will do our best to implement this feature and update it in a future firmware update.

    Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • Artur

    Hi Boox Team,


    Thanks for recent update but unfortunately the option requested more than 2 years ago is still not available.

    When can we expect to see possibility to see 2 notes side by side on the slit screen?

    It is nice to have a notebook and PDF document side by side but I still can't have 2 notebooks opened the same time side by side.

    Please make this happening with next update!!!

  • Artur

    And it is already April 2023 and we all see no software update since November. No word about opening notes simultaneously. Why would I bother buying another device from you guys knowing the support is so poor?!

    Good luck!

  • Johan Quiroga

    Searching for this feature long time ago +1
    I'm a Max Lumi 2 user, and want to be able to have 2 different app notes, my productivity its pretty limited with only one, switching is really painful.
    When I need to consolidate information is the most frustrating thing.
    I bought your expensive and bigger model thinking on this feature.
    Really looking forward to this feature I have seen it in multiple requests please prioritize it.

  • Artur

    Yes, please. Recent update from April 2023 still does not allow 2 notes to be opened side by side. Can we have this done any time soon. Not having this feature it limits devise functionality and our productivity. It is very annoying not being able to see 2 notes side by side.

  • Artur

    Any chance for this feature to be available soon? Thanks, Artur

  • Artur

    With a recent update, two notes opened side by side are still not available. It has been a long time since this feature was promised but nothing happened since. Can someone from Boox update us on this?


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