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Can't create new notepad



  • Booxshop Service

    Dear customer, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    In this case, we suggest doing a factory reset for your device, and please check whether the problem persisted.
    *Please note that restoring the factory default settings will delete all data and files on your device. Please backup all important notes or data before restoring the factory default. 

    To back up and restore your notes, you could follow the steps below:

    After you back up your notes, please connect your device to your computer via a USB C cable. There should be a backup folder under Internal Share Storage > note.
    If you open the backup folder > local, and you are able to find your backup, it means your notes are successfully backed up. And then, you could copy the entire backup folder to your desktop.

    After the backup folder is copied and pasted onto the computer, you could reset the device. When you finish resetting, you could transfer the backup folder back to your device (under the "notes" folder). And then, you could restore the backup and your notes will show on the device.

    To reset the device, please go to the "Settings" page > click "Version"> click "Factory Reset"

    However, if the problem persisted after resetting the device, we appreciate it if you could submit feedback on your device via Settings > Feedback > +. Please also tick the option "send logs" while sending the Feedback so that we can analyze and diagnose the exact problem better. Our technical team will reply in 2 working days after you submit the Feedback.

    Many thanks for your effort and understanding.

  • BU007

    I bought my "Boox Note Air2 Plus" 10 days ago... The exact same issue happened to me 5 days ago... And I found this post and followed the directions mentioned here. (did a factory reset). Then after 10 days, (today), the problem occured again, second time.

    I love the device, but within this last 10 days, this happened the 2nd time. I have lost my trust on this device. If I'm going to face this problem every week, will I have to do a factory reset to fix it every week? If so, then this is not a feasible investment for anyone. ıt has been 10 days I bought the device, and I need to do a factory reset the second time? I can not create new notes at the moment, I can not write notes because the toolbar is not there when I create a new note.

    I do NOT want to do a factory reset to the device all the time, if I am going to see this problem over and over again once in a couple of days. This is just like buying a new PC, and the customer service says "please format your device and re-install Windows and all your other software from the scratch". And I have to do this every week... This is NOT a "solution" you suggest.. This is just "ignoring the issue" and acting like it is not an issue. Who would trust a PC if it crashes every week and if you have to format your PC every week?

    So how can I trust that my "Note Air 2 Plus" will work stable for many years? It didn't even last for 10 days. Same issue occured TWICE in 10 days... I bought this 10 days ago. I'm a psychologist and I wanted to use it at work, to get rid of papers and take notes of my clients sessions with this device to be more organized. But just because of this issue, I couldn't take my client's notes at work today, when I most needed it. And it happened 5 days ago too... This issue interrupted my workflow at work, the second time in the last 10 days. If we can not trust that this device is going to work as it is meant to be without any fatal issuees which requires a "factory reset" all the time, then there is no use to invest on this device.

    Sorry but you need to fix this issue with a software upgrade, rather than suggesting your clients to do factory reset to the device whenever this problem occures. Obviously, this is a known issue. You should find the reason, and fix it. Or you should call back all the devices sold and put it on the market when you manage to do a stable device. This is a serious flaw. Suggesting to do a factory reset is ridiculous. (Sorry, but that is a fact). I am very dissapointed with my purchase. Will you fix tihis issue or what? I can not take notes, and I do not want to do a "Factory Reset" every week. I don't want to be anxious when I'm taking notes with my device. I have to trust that it will work flawlessly.

    Most important is; we need to trust that our "Note Air 2 Plus" will work stable and will not let us down when we are using it. This is not a toy. It is a device which is supposed to help our productivity, but it is slowing us down instead. Big dissapointment... Blease suggest something other than doing a factory reset. Because that is not a solution. That is just ignoring that this device has this issue.   

  • Booxshop Service

    Hi BU007, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    We received feedback from our tech team that this issue has been fixed in the firmware v3.3.1. The new firmware is currently in Beta and will be available soon. If you prefer to get the new firmware first, please let us know your Mac number (the Mac number is on the Settings page), and our tech team will send you the beta version of the firmware so you could update the firmware on your device. Or you could wait until the stable version released and install the stable version of the firmware.

    Many thanks for your time and understanding. We are looking forward to hearing back from you.


  • BU007


    Ok; This is a public area, so is it convinient to send the MAC here? If not, please delete this message.

    My MAC number is: 00:0a:f5:5b:c2:31

    You can send me the beta version of the firmware so that I can update and solve the issue.

  • Booxshop Service

    Hi BU007,

    We receive feedback from our tech team that they have sent you the firmware v3.3.1. In this case, please make sure your device is connecting to the US server. After that, please go to "Settings" > "Firmware Update" to update the firmware.

    Many thanks for your time and understanding.

  • BU007

    Thank you. I updated the beta firmware you provided, and the problem is solved. Thanks for the fast problem solving.  

  • Chris S.


    is it possible for me to also get the new firmware update? Because I have the exact same issue. Got my device on Friday and cannot add any notebooks since yesterday.


    Best Regards

  • Booxshop Service

    Hi Chris, the official version of firmware v3.3.1 is available for Note Air 2, Note Air 2 Plus, Note 5, and Max Lumi 2. In this case, you could directly update the firmware on your device.

    Many thanks for your patience and understanding.


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