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Play Store Paid Apps


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  • Eric Ritter

    After a bunch of testing, I have a workaround, not a solution.  My Play Store and Google email is a custom domain that hosts my email on gmail.  so instead of, I have  This "custom" email that is hosted on gmail works for everything related to authentication for Google.  However, when I try to purchase a paid app or in-app purchase from an app off the Play Store, I get the error "something went wrong".  Changing my email that I use to purchase from Play Store to another email that is a address allows me to make the purchase.  So again, a workaround, not a solution.  I have a case opened with Google to ask why this is as it makes no sense given my ability to use my custom domain email for everthing else on Google.  I will post back when I have an update from Google.


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