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Make font smaller



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post!

    You are suggested to go to this link and learn how to adjust the font. 

    Thanks for your attention!

  • Nikki

    That's about third-party apps, not the Neo Reader. That method doesn't even work for the Neo Reader, which is a system app.

    The font in the Neo Reader is still way too big, even when I have adjusted it downwards as much as it will allow. I'll assume at this point that's a hard limit, so can you please direct me to how to make a feature request that it be possible to make the font even smaller in Neo Reader?

    I've also just downloaded better reading apps in the meantime and discovered how to make them the default, so I've worked around this for myself, but I'd have preferred to have something actually usable built in.

  • Willemsendennis

    What helped me is using pinch to zoom it smaller. Without it is unacceptable!


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