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Feature request - Current book cover as screensaver



  • Official comment
    Boox Service Team


    Thanks for your post!

    As for the book cover, we' ve transferred your advice to our technical team for further consideration, And speaking of the screen saver, you are suggested to visit this link and learn more about it. 

    Thanks for your time!

  • John


    I'd like to second this - and I'm sure there's many others who would also love this feature.

    NeoReader is fantastic - it's beautiful, fast, easy to use. The Boox OS is great.

    However, I read many books at the same time and knowing which one is open by just looking at the lock screen is an absolute must for me. This has led me to use KOReader, which has the ability to save the currently open book to a file (a file which I can set my Boox to use as the screensaver). As good as KOReader is, it's got nothing on NeoReader in terms of user experience.

    Unfortunately the Boox library screen doesn't sync with KOReader, so the progress percentages shown for each book is only correct if I read in NeoReader.

    Kobo, and now Kindle both offer this feature and it would make a world of difference to my Boox experience.

    Please add this feature.


  • Sofia

    Hi John, do you have a link for the instructions you followed to make KOreader do the process you described? Thanks!

  • Sofia

    Thank you so much! :) 

  • Ivin

    I’m going to bump this because it would be a really great feature! Please consider adding it 🙏

  • Mathieu Beliveau 1

    I second this request. Would give a shot at implementing it if I only could. 


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